Welcome to the studio website for the new RPO Series of collaborative artworks.

These painting compositions have been created by my art studio on behalf of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, as an artful way to acknowledge the support of RPO aficionados and benefactors.

I believe in the RPO and its positive role in Rochester's cultural milieu. Like many professional artists and musicians, I am not in a position to write a big check in support of its mission and accomplishments, as much as I'd like to.

So I am offering to devote my talents, experience and studio facilities to a special project that I hope will lead to others writing checks to the RPO, and that will reward them for doing so.

As such, I have been working collaboratively with artist and orchestra liaison Melissa Matson and other members of the RPO in making duett paintings. These new visual compositions are similar to the duett paintings I have created with international artists and musicians over the years, and that appear in the collections of art museums around the world.

One of our thoughts is to develop a series of Duett Paintings representing each section of the orchestra, capturing the essence of different groups of instruments and their sounds (and colors)… for exampleWinds, Brass, Strings, Percussion and even Conducting.

Musicians from each of these five realms have kindly offered their time, talent and creative expertise toward this end — to date, RPO members Melissa Matson, Charles Ross,Arild Remmereit, Joanna Bassett, Steve Laifer, Jan Angus and Benjamin Krug. More duett painting partnerships are in the works.

These new paintings, created behind the scenes during the past twelve months, are being made available to RPO backers through its development office... via the special programs and offerings that have led you to this website.

- David Chamberlain, with Melissa Matson